According To Experts, 8 Foods That Looks Healthy But Aren't In Real

Flavored Yogurt: – Flavored yogurts often contain added sugars, artificial flavors, and colorings. Choose plain, unsweetened yogurt and add your own fruits for sweetness.

Granola Bars: – Many commercial granola bars are high in added sugars and may contain unhealthy fats.

Smoothies from Cafés: – Store-bought smoothies can be high in sugars, especially if they include sweetened fruit juices, syrups, or frozen yogurt.

Veggie Chips: – Some veggie chips are made from potato starch or other refined flours and may not offer the same nutritional benefits as whole vegetables.

Low-Fat or Fat-Free Foods: – Foods labeled as "low-fat" or "fat-free" may compensate for flavor by adding sugars and other additives.

Processed Gluten-Free Foods: – Gluten-free foods can be highly processed and may lack essential nutrients. Choose naturally gluten-free foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.

Vitamin and Mineral-Enhanced Water: – Some vitamin-enhanced waters contain added sugars and may not provide significant health benefits.

Packaged Veggie Burgers: – Some packaged veggie burgers can be highly processed and contain additives. Read the ingredient list and choose options with whole vegetables, legumes, and minimal additives.

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