How to fix a charging cord

How to Fix a Charging Cord

Are you in need of an immediate solution for your charging cord issues? Before heading out to buy one, try these simple troubleshooting tips and repair techniques first.

These easy and cost-effective techniques offer an effective solution. These approaches are economical and timely ways to restore broken connections, from applying electrical tape over frayed portions of the cord to using a heat gun for wire rebinding.

Electrical Tape

Electrical tape can be one of the quickest and most affordable ways to repair a charging cord that has become frayed. Wrap it several times around the damaged area to keep it immobile and prevent further damage; for added strength, consider wrapping all or part of your cord in an even line.

First, ensure the power is turned off – this will protect you from an electric shock while ensuring the new wire is securely fastened. Next, use wire strippers to carefully unwrap each cord’s copper wires – not breaking any individual ones, as this could create further issues.

Finalize the new connection using a PVC heat-shrinking tube to seal and minimize the risk of short-circuiting. Replace the plug on the severed end, making soldering the two separate lengths much simpler.

If the wiring in a cord has been severely damaged or cut through, you will likely need to replace it altogether. However, if the damage is limited to only its exterior sheeting or connections at either end, repairs may often suffice using techniques described herein.

Heat Shrink

Over time and through frequent use, charger cords become susceptible to tugging, bending, and pulling, which may eventually cause them to begin fraying or unraveling. Left unattended, split, or frayed cables could pose a fire risk and result in costly device repairs.

To prevent this from happening, heat shrink tubing can help cover your wires. Select a tube that quickly covers damaged areas on the charger head for optimal results so it remains securely attached. Once you have found an ideal tube size, use a heat gun to apply and mold it onto the cords using heat shrink technology.

Protective coatings made out of rubber spirals may also help shield exposed wires. You’ll find them in various colors and even as animal shapes for extra decoration! They’re an ideal solution if you don’t own a heat gun or need help locating heat-resistant tubing that meets all your requirements.

Fix your charging cord quickly and easily using moldable glue such as Sugru. This putty-like substance can be easily molded around various materials, including cord insulation for permanent adhesion.

Glue Gun

Using a glue gun to permanently and long-term repair your charging cord can make an unbeatable fix that outlives electrical tape alone. To use one on your charger cord, gather all necessary materials: you’ll need an interchangeable-nozzle hot glue gun, glue sticks, and heat shrink tubing; use your nozzle to apply generous amounts of glue around areas where fraying has occurred on the cable.

Once the glue has dried, wrap your cord with heat shrink tubing and ensure it covers every wire evenly before heating with your heat gun to shrink evenly and fix fraying issues while protecting and strengthening wires inside. This solution eliminates fraying matters and will maintain and save them for future use.

Utilizing this approach could save money and is much safer than soldering. However, it should be remembered that it may only provide temporary solutions and is only guaranteedd to worksometimese. However, if your charging cord still doesn’t function after using this solution, this could indicate internal wire issues, which require further repairs with soldering iron and more complex measures.


Chances are, you have already tried one or more quick fixes to restore the charging cord (or at least checked that there wasn’t an outlet issue or power surge), but even if everything appears normal, cables tend to fray at their ends, and break, leaving your phone without power. Sugru, an innovative mouldable glue that sets into rubber when set, offers a simple way of fixing these cable problems quickly.

Take Care: Sugru Mouldable Glue is electrically insulating, so when working with electricity, take extra caution. Focus on consumer electronics repairs using low current at less than 24 volts to avoid heat build-up caused by short circuits or damaged wires; additionally, do not repair cables where metal is exposed or working intermittently.

To use sugru to repair your charger cord, open up a single-use pack and knead for several seconds before rolling it into a long sausage shape near where the connector resides. For optimal results, use soapy water (just a drop of dish soap in water) on your mold to make it easier to release and decay.

Press Sugru onto the cable where its insulation has cracked, shaping it to cover it firmly and hanging it to dry for 24 hours. This will give you a durable yet flexible cord repair that is as good as new.


In conclusion, mending a charging cord can be a simple and cost-effective solution, saving you the hassle and expense of purchasing a new one. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can revive your charging cord and extend its lifespan. Remember to exercise caution and prioritize safety throughout the process





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