How to Fix a Glitching Phone Screen

How to Fix a Glitching Phone Screen

Screen flickering and glitching may occur for various reasons, including hardware or software-related problems.

Rebooting your device is the quickest and easiest way to solve an issue, refreshing its operating system and eliminating any bugs contributing to factory Reset.

If your phone’s screen glitches, it could be caused by corrupted applications or configuration settings. A factory reset may be the answer: this process deletes all apps and settings to return your smartphone to its original condition. It resolves this issue, allowing you to enjoy using it once more.

Try uninstalling and restarting the app you suspect of being responsible, then testing other similar ones or seeing if one particular app or game causes issues; if that fails, consider free alternatives as potential culprits.

If the above methods don’t solve the problem, professional help may be required. Apple support offers phone, email, and online chat support; if multiple components of your phone have broken, you could purchase another phone. UpPhone provides a cell phone comparison tool that could help you find an excellent deal.


Nothing can be more annoying than a phone screen that constantly flickers, freezes, or displays weird colors. Luckily, simple yet effective solutions are available to fix a malfunctioning phone screen.

Software issues are one of the leading causes of glitchy screens. This could include anything from bugs in your operating system or apps not compatible with your phone to corrupted system files – often, simply rebooting or updating software can resolve these problems.

Another potential cause of glitchy phone screens could be an improperly installed or dirty screen protector, particularly one with air bubbles or improper installation. If this remains the case, remove and reapply. If problems persist, clear them and try reapplying; otherwise, drag and pull your screen protector before trying another approach.

Physical damage to the phone’s screen could also cause it to glitch. Dropping or submerging it in water could crack its display and cause flickering or vertical lines on its screen, necessitating professional repair or replacement services as soon as possible.

Safe Mode

Software issues are one of the primary sources of phone screen glitches, often caused by buggy updates, incompatible apps, or malware infections. Resetting or updating can often correct this issue.

If this solution doesn’t work, resetting your iPhone may be the solution. This will restore it to its factory state by clearing out all data and third-party applications installed after shipping. A factory reset can be completed by pressing and holding both the Home and power buttons simultaneously until all information has been deleted from your phone.

Safe Mode may also help resolve a glitching phone screen; this mode prevents third-party apps from activating and will enable you to identify what may be causing the issue. Once out of the safe way, check recently installed apps until one seems to be the source of trouble; once found, uninstall them one by one until your issue has been solved. It may take some time before it finds its head, though!

Disabling Auto Brightness

Phone screen glitches can have various causes, but one of the more prevalent causes is software issues like outdated software or application bugs that allow viruses or malware into systems. Physical damage also plays a part, including hard drops, power surges, or water damage.

To address this problem, disable Auto-Brightness on your phone to stop it from constantly altering brightness based on light sensors in its environment. To do this, follow these steps:

Start by turning off your iPhone. If using an iPhone 7 or later, press and hold the volume-up and power buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears onscreen.


In conclusion, addressing a glitching phone screen requires troubleshooting and carefully considering potential causes. Whether it’s due to software issues, hardware malfunctions, or external factors, the key is systematically diagnosing and resolving the problem. 

From restarting the device and updating software to checking for physical damage and seeking professional assistance, these steps empower users to regain control over a glitching screen. Remember to back up important data before performing any troubleshooting steps and exercise caution with DIY fixes. 

Following these guidelines, users can often restore their phone screens to optimal functionality, ensuring a seamless and frustration-free mobile experience.





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